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Granola bowl - with pecans, cashews, cherrys & raspberry compote with yoghurt £5.00
Oats & quinoa porridge with dates, banana and almonds £5.00
Overnight mixed grain muesli with apples, pears & poached rhubarb £5.00
Coconut bread with yogurt & passionfruit or Harbinger rhubarb jam £3.75
ALSK sausage & egg breakfast bun with Sriracha mayonnaise £7.25
ALSK Sausage & egg breakfast bun with homemade ketchup £7.25
Rice bowl (Brown rice, seasonal greens, fried egg sambal relish) £6.50
Rice bowl with chicken £8.00
Rice bowl with Prawns £8.00
Chilli sambal - Extra £1.00
Eggs & extras on sourdough - Poached eggs £5.00
Eggs & extras on sourdough - fried £5.00
Eggs & extras on sourdough - Scrambled £5.00
Creamy soya portobello mushroom & spinach in sourdough bun (Vegan) £5.95
Vegan bowl (NEW)-Dhal, Spinach, Slow roasted tomatoes, Rainbow raita, Beetroot chutney, Salty banana chips & Coconut roti £8.00

ALSK Specials

Chicken satay burger with peanut sauce, cucumber relish & pea shoots £7.50
Chilli crispy tofu baguette £6.25
Avocado, hummus & kimchi baguette £5.75
Miso, mushroom & pak choi noodle soup (Add prawns) £5.95
Miso, mushroom & pak choi noodle soup £5.25

If you have any allergens or dietary requirements, please email us at info@alsk.cafe